Native Concepts is a design firm based in NYC. Our current project is the world’s most intriguing and ergonomic pen, PenUltimate X1,  funded in less than 24 hours on Kickstarter.

PenUltimate X1 is coming to Indiegogo in January 2018!  More details coming soon!

PenUltimate™ X1

PenUltimate began as an entry in a design competition that drew more attention than we could’ve ever expected. Three years and 26 prototypes brought us here. PenUltimate X1 is our premier model.

A thoughtful redesign for an evolving world
A thoughtful redesign for an evolving world

The goal was to reinvent an everyday object. The pen seemed ideal. Traditional pens are held awkwardly and don’t accommodate the anatomy of the hand, wrist or forearm. Writing instruments we use on a daily basis are effective, but primitive. The relatively standard design of the pen emerged 220 years ago and hasn’t changed since.

What if we were to throw away the conventional pen and create something new from the ground up? After we asked that question, the inherited design of the traditional pen began to seem unsophisticated. Perhaps we’ve simply grown accustom to it?

But why? We live in a world filled with incredibly talented creators and designers. Why has the design of the pen, a crucially important instrument and essentially just a writing nib attached to stick, persisted for so long? Why has the traditional pen never been rethought? Is the pen simply so familiar that we no longer look to innovate it?

Well, we wanted to give it a try, so we started from scratch. PenUltimate‘s design was inspired simply by what would work best with the human form. Your anatomy dictated the shape, weight, material and contouring of PenUltimate X1. Every other pen starts from an overly simple and inherently flawed design. When designing PenUltimate, we started from you.

Strategic use of PenUltimate‘s weight gives your wrist a greater range of motion. In brief explanation: ballpoint pens dispense ink when downward pressure isapplied to push back a small, metal ball creating a vacuum which then sucks ink from the pen’s reservoir. When you squeeze your fingers together and press to dispense ink from a traditional ballpoint, it makes it more difficult to turn the wrist freely. This tension is due to small, tensed muscles around the carpals (fragile bones in the wrist). Wrist tension creates fatigue in addition to a myriad of problems that negatively impact even the occasional writer, it’s an incredibly susceptible area of our anatomy. (See for yourself! Squeeze your thumb, pointer and middle finger together and rotate your wrist back and forth, that unpleasant constriction you’re feeling is avoidable. Now, open your fingers and turn your wrist. You’ll notice a big difference. For 220 years, we’ve been doing it wrong!)

Revolutionary technology contained within a beautiful and intriguing form.

PenUltimate’s proprietary asymmetrical design is perfectly balanced in the hand. Hold it once and that statement will make sense. There has never been a better balanced writing instrument. Additionally, PenUltimate X1 secures the pointer finger’s knuckle, allowing for greater stability (particularly when attempting to draw straight lines). Traditional pens must be held on a slant that leans away from the inside of the hand. PenUltimate’s grip allows the pen tip to align straight with the pointer finger, it feels more natural because it is more natural.

This same grip technology prevents PenUltimate from being top heavy. Yes, every pen you’ve ever used is top heavy. Squeezing a traditional pen at the grip creates a fulcrum at the point where the fingers meet. Over 90% of a traditional pen’s weight is unsupported, that weight works to pry your fingers apart, not optimal design by any means.

We wanted PenUltimate X1 to be as beautiful as it was effective, which is why it comes paired with it’s Quickdraw stand. The Quickdraw stand transforms PenUltimate X1 into a piece of functional artwork for your desktop. It’s minimalist design is a subtle and refreshing change of pace. It’s a different way to shape your work space.

PenUltimate X1 is forged from a highly textured, matte bronze steel with cushioning on all contact points. It feels great in the hand and it’s rugged enough to take whatever you can throw at it. Plus, PenUltimate is precision contoured to fit your fingers for next-level ergonomic comfort. Equipped with an ultra smooth, 1 mm stainless steel tip and non-corrosive ink, it’s built to the highest of industry standards.

PenUltimate X1 is a different writing instrument. It’s unusual to be sure, but it’s simply better than the tools we’ve grown accustomed to. Our goal is to change the way you write and to change the way you interact with the written word. PenUltimate X1 will certainly make you write better, our hope is that it inspires you.


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